Lookups API

Lookups allows you to systematically ascertain information about phone numbers. With Lookups, you can identify local-friendly number formats, reduce the likelihood of undelivered messages and protect yourself from fraud.

For more information see the Lookups API documentation.

Looking up details on a phone number

You can look up a phone number with a Twilio::REST::LookupsClient. You instantiate the client as you would with any other Twilio::REST client

require "twilio-ruby"

# Find these values at twilio.com/user/account
account_sid = "AC123123"
auth_token = "secret"

@lookups_client = Twilio::REST::LookupsClient.new account_sid, auth_token

You can then use the client to lookup a phone number.

response = @lookups_client.phone_numbers.get("+12316851234")
# => "US"
# => "+12316851234"
# => "(231) 685-1234"
# => "https://lookups.twilio.com/v1/PhoneNumbers/+12316851234"

Invalid Phone Numbers

The Lookups API is a REST API that returns data on phone number resources. If you try to lookup a phone number that doesn’t exist the API will raise a 404 Twilio::REST::RequestError. You should handle this within your code.

response = @lookups_client.phone_numbers.get("+15558675309")
  puts response.phone_number
rescue Twilio::REST::RequestError => e
  raise e unless e.code == 20404 # ensure this is a 404 error
  puts "Invalid number"

Carrier Information

The Lookups API can be used to find out more information about the carrier for the phone number. Just pass the type “carrier” to the request.

response = @lookups_client.phone_numbers.get("+12316851234", type: "carrier")
# => {"mobile_country_code"=>nil, "mobile_network_code"=>nil, "name"=>"Charter Fiberlink, LLC", "type"=>"landline", "error_code"=>nil}